FBI Puts Out Social Media Request For Tips And Gets 6500 Epic Tips!

On July 10 2023 the FBI asked Americans on social media to report crimes to them. Then they were overwhelmed with reports of their own criminal activity. Here’s their Tweet . A sample of the replies:

  • Ray Epps needs to be arrested. You covered up for Dr. Nassar and his child moleststions. You sold out AMERICA and did so many corrupt things that we all think you should be disbanded, defunded and held accountable.
  • Yes, there’s child porn on Hunter Bidens laptop Chris Wray is hiding in his office safe.
  • Hi there, I would like to report a domestic terrorist organization that has a long history of using murder, violence, entrapment, destroying/planting evidence, outright lies, and gestpo tactics in an attempt to rule and control the American populace. You may have heard of them they go by the 3-letter acronym “FBI”. Approach with caution because they are armed and dangerous.
  • Has anyone from the @FBI turned themselves in wrt the pipe bomb at DNC HQ yet?
  • I’d like to report the United States Government
  • Tip: If the president’s son and brother worked for CEFC China Energy without registration & The Foreign Agents Registration Act requires registration and the only person you are arresting for this is their business partner reporting a crime. You might want to shut down your operations because you are the problem.
  • Yes, I’d like to report a crime ring! They are at 99 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002! I saw movement yesterday.
  • You should look into FBI agents illegally censoring Americans on social media on behalf of foreign nations.
  • there was cocaine found in a federal office bldg at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Wash DC. Might wanna check that out

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