New North Carolina ‘1776’ Community Will Require American Flags on All Homes

Just the other day I was reflecting on the popularity of the date “1776” and how its popping up everywhere. Now there’s even a community calling itself the 1776 community!!! A new neighborhood in Gastonia, North Carolina will require all residents to fly the American flag in front of their property.

Brock Fankhauser, the developer of 1776 Gastonia, said residents will receive an American flag upon moving in and will have agreed to displaying it at all times, according to a report by WCNC. 

“We’re going to install the flag as part of the design of the home,” Mr. Fankhauser explained. “It’s an architectural element. It’s there the day you take possession of the home and close on it. From that point on, it’s each homeowner pledging to one another. It’s a promise, it’s a covenant. And so as long as the people who live in those homes continue with their covenants and their pledges to one another, the flags will fly.”

Residents of the 55-and-up community, which is being built by Great American Homes, will be required to affirm their allegiance to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as well as to supporting the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Read more…

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