Educational Resources

Everything you need to understand in order to peacefully assemble and restore lawful government

Assembly Videos

On this page you’ll find many excellent videos covering a wide range of related topics.

History of Arkansas

From the first people living in Arkansas, to the Louisiana purchase, the first 3 constitutions and beyond.

Knowledge Base

A fully searchable database covering history, law, government, and the importance of the Assembly.

Reading Material

In addition to all of the reading material you’ll find in the Knowledge Base, here we’ve selected some good material to start with in order to get a solid foundation.

People of Arkansas

This is our own free “facebook”-style, private membership website where we can carry on conversation, make friends, message each other directly. Important for expanding our reach to all people living in our State.

National Assembly

Visit the National Assembly website for additional resources, including how to join in their Thursday night conference calls.

His Hardline Podcasts

.Focusing on We The People and how we are restoring the Republic.

What took our rights away

This happened gradually. We still have unalienable rights but must know how to exercise them!

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