Re-assembled in 2022

Over several years Arkansas has worked to bring to the state its lawful General Jural Assembly. In December, 2022 we successfully held a Grand Jury with the assistance of members of the Michigan Assembly, completing the necessary documentation and publication of our notice in 2023 to the state of Arkansas.

We are currently helping our counties develop their county jural assemblies with a minimum of 13 members each. When a county has it’s 13 members it will complete documentation and publication to be recognized as “settled” with a return to common law jurisdiction.
Once we have 22 counties settled, Arkansas Nation=State becomes recognized and registered as having returned the state to civilian self-governance as a Republic.

See the knowledge base, FAQs, and Power of a Jural Assembly to learn more


The mission of Arkansas Nation=State is to bring Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness back to the People in a lawful Republican form of self governance..​


Through re-settlement of 38 states, together we are authorized to hold a Constitutional Convention and peacefully return us to our lawful national government.


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