1776 Conversation – April 28, 2024 – Fear of Corrupt Government

The General Jural Assembly was developed with certain important protections in place. Knowing about these safeguards is important for everyone, not just those who are frozen in fear. The recording of this call may be found here

  • Similar to Private Membership Associations, our membership is strictly private. All membership documents are kept confidential and are stored securely. You’ll notice that the identity of those on these recorded calls isn’t made public.
  • All Assembly meetings are strictly private, with the Bivens statement read three times if there are guests present (who were sponsored by members).
  • We adhere to lawful, peaceful conduct and do not participate in protests. We do not trespass on the de facto government and thus, do not raise their ire.
  • We are first and foremost an educational organization. Some counties may choose to limit their activities to education on our history, law, and governance in a Republic. Such counties will be settled with the big picture in mind… settlement of the State (which required that 22 counties be settled) rather than taking actions to oversee their local or state government, for example through a grand jury.
  • Much of the education includes “how to” instruction on how to protect against abuse of power.
  • Those settled counties with membership who are well educated in the processes required for effective oversight of their local de facto government (or at the state or federal level) may choose to address specific grievances through lawful actions. Its up to the membership of the county to determine what kind, if any, actions are taken.
  • The Arkansas General Jural Assembly is recognized by the state of Arkansas, including the governor and attorney general, as a lawful governing body of the people. When a county is settled the same will be true for that county.
  • The military supports the Assembly and in has issued warning to governors of all 50 states to leave us alone
  • Agents of Homeland Defense and the FBI informed the Michigan General Jural Assembly that they understand what we are doing and wish us success.
  • Any member whose behavior threatens the welfare of Assembly can be and will be removed by a review board.

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