The Only Solution

This His Hard Line interview with Destry from the National Assembly is a MUST WATCH for clarity on why the Michigan General Jural Assembly model, taught through the National Assembly is the only solution for restoring our republic and removing the corporate United States.

Watch the video here

Our purpose is to fulfill General Order 100 issued in 1863 to reassemble and fulfill the offices interim until we have enough numbers to hold the first organic constitutional convention.

When the offices were vacated on March 14, 1861, our lawful Constitution was also vacated. In 1863 President Lincoln issued General Orders 100 with military instruction and procedures on how to run the country until the people return. The people failed to return in 1871. The original Virginia Company that the King created that granted the settlement to the Mayflower had changed its name several times and the last time it changed its name was in 1868, to United States and the Act of 1871 gave them authority to provide 19 essential services to the American people until the people return. They are a foreign banker owned corporation and its defunct. Trump was elected into the corporation to end it, to open the door for our interim states to step out of interim and self-govern.

The original video was 2 hours long and can be found here

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