The Only Solution

This His Hard Line interview with Destry from the National Assembly is a MUST WATCH for clarity on why the Michigan General Jural Assembly model, taught through the National Assembly is the only solution for restoring our republic and removing the corporate United States. Watch the video here Our purpose is to fulfill General Order

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Maricopa County Board of Supervisors RUN After being Served

Discover the power of We the People when we take a stand for our de jure Republic. Learn how to effectively deal with unelected “officials” and their illegal mandates and actions. Note, the title of this video is a little misleading. The Board quickly adjourned and started to leave as Miki Klann rose to speak.

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The Question of Liberty

“Liberty” is freedom to do, and be accountable for, what you think is right. Liberty is living in a state of natural freedom. Man’s natural freedom, under God, cannot be granted by a government — it can only be honored or violated! Therefore, anything called “liberty” that is granted by man, or man’s government, is

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